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We are a small, independent web design and communications firm based in Rockville, MD. We design and build websites for small businesses and non-profits. We also provide brand strategy, graphic design, and marketing communications services. We serve clients throughout the Washington DC-Maryland-Virginia (DMV) area and across the United States.

We primarily use WordPress – an open-source web development and content management platform – to provide elegant, cost-effective websites. With WordPress, we can create a modern, mobile-responsive website that is both beautiful and easy to update, while allowing flexibility as your business grows. We design and build to meet your business goals and we can help you develop a branding strategy and marketing communications to deliver results.

LPS Web Design was founded by Lisa Petrovich Smith, who became a freelance graphic and web designer after a career in information technology (IT) consulting. Lisa realized that her project management and strategic communications background combined with graphic and web design skills could help small businesses meet many of their marketing communications challenges.

Lisa has assembled a team of independent designers and developers, and developed strategic partnerships with marketing communications professionals, photographers, information technology service-providers and others to offer a full range of services to our clients. In addition to web design, we provide graphic and print design, strategy, content management, social media, branding and marketing consulting services. We work virtually with clients across the US, particularly in New Orleans and St. Louis, and partner with local firms to ensure your business and non-profits’ needs are met.

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Our Approach

Simple, Strategic Solutions
Lisa Petrovich Smith

Lisa Petrovich Smith

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Our Process

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LPS Web Design Team

LPS Web Design Team

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We design and build websites for small businesses and non-profit organizations. We specialize in the WordPress platform which provides an easy to update, flexible solution that can grow with your business.

At LPS Web Design, we start with understanding your business needs. We work with you to develop an effective and affordable website, digital and print marketing strategy to meet your goals. We help clients at all stages –from planning and design through development and implementation –to ongoing support and maintenance of your website. We can help you define your audience and website goals, create content to attract the right visitors, describe your brand value clearly and concisely, and write search-engine and visitor-friendly website copy. We can also provide graphic design, print design and branding expertise to support your communications needs.

Website Design & Development

Your focus is your customers. Our focus is on delivering an affordable, easy-to-use, attractive website so you can reach your customers. We use WordPress, a leading content management system (CMS), so you can get your website up quickly and without hassle.

We design and build clean, modern and effective websites. We can help your small business launch a website from scratch or bring your outdated site up to modern, mobile web standards.

Graphic Design, Branding and Marketing

Your website is only one tool in your marketing arsenal. Our design team can help you create a beautiful, integrated, effective branding strategy and marketing materials for both print and digital.

We can help you create:

  • Branding & Marketing Strategy
  • Logo Design
  • Campaign and Advertising Materials
  • Rack Cards, Brochures, Flyers
  • Electronic or Print Newsletters.

Communications & Content Strategy

We work with you to develop your overall strategy, to ensure your website and communications deliver results – whether you are looking to boost website traffic, establish your brand credibility, or get found in local search.

We can help you define your audience and website goals, create clear and engaging content, write and edit for web visitors and search engines/SEO, develop your blog and e-newsletter, and show you how to implement a simple, sustainable solution. We will help you target your audience and measure your success.

Social Media & Digital Marketing

Confused about social media? Not sure whether Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or something else is right for your brand? Let us help.

We work with you to establish achievable goals and implement a strategic social media presence. We can help you build your Facebook and LinkedIn pages, curate a Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram feed, develop an E-Newsletter, and create engaging visuals and content. We can recommend best times to post, identify key social media metrics, and integrate social media with your website and blog.

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Website Design Trends for 2017

Welcome to 2017! Currently websites, like calendars, are in the process of changing to reflect the new year. New trends, new colors and new technologies abound, and to help you navigate the changes we’ve compiled a list of the five biggest trends that will dominate the ‘net in the new year.


1. More and Brighter Colors

Websites have been getting monotone in recent years, playing up a sophisticated, tech-y vibe with muted colors. Not so for 2017 – colors are back with a vengeance, with an emphasis on duotone imagery and graphics. One example is Spotify, which recently redid their site palette and now boasts a bright magenta-and-purple ombré effect on their homepage.



2. Increased Emphasis on UX

It’s not enough to slap a site up on the web – it needs to be crafted and geared towards the visitor experience. The lines between web design and UX design are becoming increasingly blurred, and sites are being designed around the user’s journey to increase engagement, interaction, and conversions.

Among the UX changes? An increasing number of chatbots and deliberate micro-interactions that use humor or animation to engage users and personalize the visitor experience.


3. Increased Animation

With the increased emphasis on UX comes an increase in the use of animation, .gifs, and cinemagraphs in websites. These elements are an eye-catching addition to sites that work to engage and interact with users. Functional animation, or animation that serves a specific purpose, will be integrated into websites as they soften transitions, highlight next steps, and provide visual feedback.

Want some examples? The money’s paw high-five animation that you see after you hit “Send” on an email in MailChimp is a perfect example of using animation to provide feedback and reinforce an action. The Nature Conservancy’s rainwater cinemagraph at water.nature.org shows how including an animation as a backdrop can immediately engage users and communicate the site’s purpose.

Nature Conservancy Example


4. Mobile-first Design

You’ve probably heard the statistic that more people access the internet from their phones than from computers. With this development, site design is adapting according – many sites are now designed specifically to be accessed from a mobile device and adapted to larger screens later.

Navigation trends are also changing to reflect the mobile-first principle. Simplified navigation and scrolling sites are the word of the day, to make site navigation easier on a small, mobile screen.


5. Increased Transparency and Authenticity

What do brands like Zappos, Southwest Airlines, and Patagonia have in common? They’re transparent and authentic, and it’s seriously paid off. Today’s site users, like consumers, want that authenticity and transparency in the brands they buy from and sites they visit.

Concrete steps down this path include forgoing stock photography for original pictures that give visitors a glimpse into your organization’s inner workings, and replacing written testimonials with authentic, unscripted (or at least, not obviously scripted) customer or user videos.



The world of website design is constantly changing, and what’s popular one year may be on next year’s “Do Not Do” list. However, the overall trend is toward a more user-friendly, engaging and interactive web experience as websites move from static holding-places to dynamic conversion machines. Make sure your site is easy to access, visually stimulating, and provides compelling content to keep visitors engaged, and your website will be an asset to your brand.

Let me know what trends you’re seeing. And what you think of them!

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7 Reasons to Update Your Website in 2017

Happy New Year! As the year begins, you’re probably planning how to reach a wider audience, attract more clients, and grow your business in the new year.

Your website is the place to start.

As you set your business goals for 2017, consider these seven reasons for giving your website a makeover:

1. It’s outdated

Is your website stuck in 2006? Or worse, 1999? Website trends change and develop over time. What looked good five years ago immediately brands you as dated and out-of-touch today.

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Wordpress Blogs & Resources

Stick It On The Wall: 8 Best WordPress Blogs & Resources

Most entrepreneurs I know are mostly the DIY variety – they like to get into the WordPress Backend, dig into the innards of WordPress, and fix things themselves. Or Tweak. Or Whatever.

Note: Do not touch code when you want to fix things up. Always backup your website before you upgrade themes, plugins, or make any major changes. In fact, it’s better if you can do changes in a staging environment before going live. That’s how I do it when I manage my clients’ websites.

If you are the kind of a person who’d love to stay on top of what’s happening with WordPress, learn more about the platform your website lives on, or get a handy tip or two (and there are many), here are some of the top resources you should bookmark.

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h J R

- February 24, 2017, 3:45 pm

RT @SketchandGD: This was great. Talking about bringing back memories. Don't forget the micro writing skills in font 1.5 😀 https://t.co/INr
h J R


Our clients trust LPS Web Design to listen to their needs, create great work, and deliver modern, responsive websites and strategic communications solutions to help them achieve their business goals. Read what some of our long-term clients have to say.


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