From a business standpoint, a website is just the start. It’s after the website is up that the real work begins.

As your blog gets more popular, the cycle of “feeding the monster” begins. To maintain your business profile and keep visitors coming back, you must continue feeding your blog, social media networks, and email lists with more content than ever.

Content marketing is backbreaking. There are no two ways (or any way) around it. You either do it or you don’t. Your WordPress website becomes a tired set of files that don’t fetch you a thing if you ignore digital marketing.

It must be done. You have no choice.

That’s why there’s a need for optimization – everything you do on your WordPress website to ensure the work you put in leads to an output you desire.

In most cases, you’d desire relevant traffic, popularity, branding, engagement, and sales.

Here are a few WordPress plugins that can do just that for you:


The uber popular SumoMe (of the AppSumo fame) is a complete suite of tools that can help you get more traffic, collect more subscribers, and boost your leads or signups.

SumoMe features spectacular apps such as Discovery, Welcome Mat, Hello Bar, Scroll Box, Heat Maps, List Builder, Image Sharer, Highlighter, Google Analytics, and many others. The SumoMe set of tools can catapult your business to the next level.

SumoMe already powers more than 391,417 websites.

Did I mention that it’s free to start with, and going the paid route is only optional?

Viral Signups

According to the Direct Marketing Association, Email Marketing has an ROI of 4300% (and that’s not a typo). Email marketing is the most effective marketing method you can ever employ.

Yet, that’s the only digital marketing channel most entrepreneurs don’t get started on. It’s usually the much fancier SEO, social media, and everything else that you’d try before swearing by the efficacy of email marketing.

WordPress is blessed with super plugins such as Viral Signups that automatically let you launch a customer referral program, right off the bat.

Each time someone signs up on your site, your new signup is prompted to refer five (5) other people as well in exchange for something free (or some other kind of incentive) for them.


To sell better or to get better results, you need insights. Of course, your regular Google Analytics sheds some light on who visits. However, you need more than just numbers; you need more information on people.

Try LeadIn – a marketing automation and lead tracking plugin that helps pick up and store information about your visitors.

LeadIn helps track visitor behavior, adds these visitors to your contact list and also creates a contact record for you to browse through their visit history.

WordPress Landing Pages, By Inbound Now

If there’s something you’d like your visitors to do, you need a landing page. For any given campaign, you’d need multiple landing pages to help match the pages with the ads, the calls to action, or whatever it is you’re asking visitors to do.

To effectively launch a campaign typically would require multiple landing pages for every campaign you roll out.

From a sheer volume and cost standpoint, you can’t (or shouldn’t) hire developers for every single landing page. What’s the better option, you ask?

The answer: WordPress Landing Pages by Inbound Now.

Use the WordPress plugin (as a standalone install or along with other plugins such as WordPress Leads) to create as many pages as you’d like with a Visual Editor. You can also track conversion rates, clone pages, and use the plugin with the existing design setup you already have.

Editorial Calendar

Earlier, I wrote that content marketing is a job that’s relentless. To fuel that kind of content marketing effort, you would want some help. It’s even better if that help is found right inside your WordPress dashboard.

Since most of your content marketing effort runs with your blog posts, the Editorial Calendar plugin helps you plan and map your content.

This way, you’d be better organized, help bring your team members into the loop, and keep the digital marketing engine running.

WordPress SEO By Yoast

If I could tell you that you would never have to hire an SEO professional and still manage to get some SEO juice flowing for your website, would you be thrilled?

I am willing to bet that with fees bordering around $1000 to $8000 per month that a range of professional SEO agencies charge, you’d be happy to obviate the cost, of course.

SEO plugin by Yoast (especially the updated version, as in 2016) is a dream come true for business owners who have their sites up on WordPress.

As you write blog posts and are about to publish, the SEO plugin gives you real-time recommendations, insights, and inputs that you could instantly put to use.


If landing pages are final destinations where visitors either convert or they don’t, popups are interstitials that prompt visitors to signup for one of the many offers that you might make.

Love them or hate them, popups CAN be effective in limited application with an appropriate call to action. If you do choose to employ popups, nothing works better than OptinMonster for WordPress.

Grow your email list in style with a wide array of popups, slide-ins, sidebar forms, and many other ways to help grow your list.

WP Marketing

Digital marketing has many moving parts, and so there’s a chance that you might want a plugin that could do a lot to support your inbound efforts. WP Marketing is a new plugin on the block that can help you collect information, collect call-back numbers, boost your social sharing, and more. The plugin, all by itself, is a lead generator.

WordPress, it’s not surprising then, is the best thing to back your business website up. With plugins for speed, security, and stability along with plugins for marketing as listed here, WordPress has everything you need for your business.

If you’d like to get a website developed on WordPress, reach out to me now.