Most entrepreneurs I know are mostly the DIY variety – they like to get into the WordPress Backend, dig into the innards of WordPress, and fix things themselves. Or Tweak. Or Whatever.

Note: Do not touch code when you want to fix things up. Always backup your website before you upgrade themes, plugins, or make any major changes. In fact, it’s better if you can do changes in a staging environment before going live. That’s how I do it when I manage my clients’ websites.

If you are the kind of a person who’d love to stay on top of what’s happening with WordPress, learn more about the platform your website lives on, or get a handy tip or two (and there are many), here are some of the top resources you should bookmark.

I’d say, print this out and put it up on a wall:

WordPress News

The official WordPress News site is always brimming with the latest updates about WordPress, themes, and a few plugins. It features around 4-5 posts each week and is a fairly busy blog.

For you, as a business owner, it gives you a quick brief on WordPress, any new releases, fixes, or updates to the core.

Yoast Blog

You must be familiar with the popular Yoast Plugin. Did you know that the Yoast SEO blog is one of the best resources for learning SEO inside out?

Organic search is still popular because it has the ability to drive an insane amount of traffic to your website. The Yoast Blog covers “WordPress SEO” specifically, along with tips on how to use the plugin better.

You also have access to the Yoast Academy, free resources, eBooks, and a lot more.


I’ve been building, developing and managing WordPress websites for years, and yet there are hundreds of things I’d want to refer to, understand, or learn more about. I can very well imagine how intimidating WordPress (and the never-ending influx of information a beginner has to deal with).

Most of my clients have little or no idea about WordPress and the thousand things it does. Plus, the jargon could make your head dizzy (or maybe even frustrated).

WPBeginner does a great job of breaking all things technical down into easy-to-understand blog posts.

If you are completely unfamiliar with WordPress and the sea of information it drags behind itself, this is where you should go.

Matt Mullenweg

If you want to understand the mechanics of managing a gargantuan Open Source CMS such as WordPress, look no further than the man behind Automattic – the company that manages

Matt Mullenweg is the CEO and co-founder of Automattic, Jetpack, and an investor (Audrey Capital) with interest in about 35 other startups. His blog is a refreshing insight into the workings of the great minds behind one of the most popular CMS systems on earth.

Envato + Tuts

Are you itching to dig deeper into WordPress? Have you outlived the basics already? Feeling like a pro? Why feel, when you can really be? Envato [http://envato] is the company behind humongous markets such as ThemeForest, Graphic River, and CodeCanyon.

Now, Envato + Tuts is the tutorial section of Envato and you can literally pull your sleeves back and get into the nitty-gritty of WordPress, if you really wanted to.

It’s a trusted resource backed by a trusted market, where thousands of WordPress designers and developers sell their products.


So, your business website is now backed by WordPress. It provides a solid, secure, and scalable platform and can help your business grow.

Now, how about a complete set of tools, plugins, and robust 24 x7 support for yourself? Why not have access to the world’s best WordPress experts at your disposal?

WPMU DEV blog is run and managed by WordPress Experts. Apart from that, their blog spills over with tips, information, and secrets about WordPress that you’d usually have to pay for.

Instead, you get it all for free.

Sucuri Blog

WordPress is a relatively stable & secure platform. Yet, it’s also one of the most popular ones out there.

Unsurprisingly then, it’s also the biggest target for hackers worldwide. If you are less careful, your website could be blown away or at least temporarily attacked. Most of our clients use the Sucuri plugin and/or monitoring for an added layer of security.

The Sucuri blog is a trusted resource on WordPress Security. Sucuri is a WordPress Security company with a globally-distributed team across a dozen countries in the world.

The Torque

Owned & managed by a popular WordPress Hosting Company called WPEngine, The Torque Magazine gives you the latest on WordPress, themes that you could use, tested plugins that don’t break your website down, and lots of tips on how to manage and run your WordPress website better.

Personal note: Shout out to my alma mater, Trinity University in Texas and other liberal arts universities breeding young tech entrepreneurs. WP Engine CEO Heather Brunner is also an alum.

Of course, the Torque blog has a major emphasis on WordPress performance, site speed, and WordPress managed hosting.

If I build a website on WordPress for you, I’d put a maintenance and support plan in place to cover your ongoing WordPress website fixes, maintenance, and anything you might need our team for, at a reasonable, ongoing cost or a fixed one-time fee (this usually depends, and I take it up on a case by case basis).

I presume you are either on WordPress already or you are looking to use it as the basis for your business. What are your favorite resources for WordPress?